Analytics for Risk Management

Data-driven insights to do business with confidence
Cultivate an actionable view of the enterprise

Seamlessly linking the entities residing in multiple databases across the enterprise enables you to more accurately see the interconnected business relationships that can help enable your MDM initiatives. By identifying the appropriate business entities and associating them across their extended legal ownership relationships, you get a rich view that can reveal opportunities for growth and mitigate risk.

Create a harmonious data relationship

The more you connect and expose entities across your silos, the greater your visibility into the cross-company interactions with customers and suppliers. This can be a catalyst for business transformation and insights, as well as the foundation for any successful MDM deployment. Exposing relationships across product lines, branches and countries can let you evaluate sales coverage, modify compensation plans, renegotiate terms and conditions, adjust compliance policies, improve customer experiences, build advanced segmentation categories and manage supply chain risk.