Data Management

Create a common view of your customers to increase the ROI of your MarTech stack

Match, Clean, and Enrich Your Data

You’re trying to clean a prospect file for an upcoming campaign or are trying to continuously maintain the data in your CRM and Marketing Automation Platform (MAP). Empower your organization with the most clean, complete, and actionable data for sales and marketing teams with D&B Optimizer.Enrich Your Data

Create a Single View of Customers

You’re burdened by siloed data and are struggling to understand who your customers are. Create a single view of your customers with our market-leading Customer Data Platform (CDP), D&B Lattice, for a single version of the truth that can fuel all your sales and marketing programs and ignite growth.Create a Single View of Your Customers

Maintain Customer Master Data & Connect Enterprise Workflows

You are looking to gain consistency and efficiency with the data across your enterprise — from finance, marketing, technology, sales, to compliance. But the volume, velocity, and variety of information available makes it difficult to understand your business relationships. Our master data solutions can help harmonize and connect data silos to unite your organization with a common understanding based on a set of core data.Use data to ignite your organization

customer story

M247 is the UK’s fastest growing connectivity and internet infrastructure provider. To continue its organic growth, the group wanted to create a single view of every one of its customers. This would enable it to restructure its sales approach and refine its marketing strategy. Without this clarity, Watson continues, M247 would be unable to realise the potential value of its customer base. It also risked aligning the wrong calibre of Sales and Marketing resource to opportunities.

D&B has real strength in linking data between different business entities. The breadth and depth of data, plus the ability to access, analyse and interrogate this data, allows M247 to adjust its go-to-market strategy to continue to drive business growth. These features allow M247 to build out a new data strategy, quickly and cost effectively.- Roger Watson, Head of Business Insight, M247
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