Digital Marketing

Supercharge your B2B digital marketing efforts with AI-powered, always-on campaigns that engage accounts across channels

Inbound Lead Prioritization & Form Optimization

You’re trying to score inbound leads and accounts in real-time, so you can deliver higher quality leads to sellers and focus on your most promising targets. Research shows that by following up with digital leads in under five minutes you can drive up to 9x conversions. Prioritize inbound leads by their propensity to purchase to ensure you deliver the highest quality leads to your sales team. A powerful combo, D&B Visitor Intelligence can help with form optimization, and D&B Lattice can help optimize your inbound lead flow through real-time predictive lead scoring.

optimize forms optimize lead scoring

Omnichannel Activation

Today’s B2B buyers expect consistent, on-demand, digital, and personalized experiences across all channels. Without a centralized hub of customer data this can be extremely difficult to coordinate. D&B Lattice can help to increase engagement with your target accounts. Consolidate your data in one location to activate scalable, personalized omnichannel campaigns across email, sales, programmatic, and social with ease.

easily activate omnichannel campaigns

Account-Based Advertising & Web Personalization

You’re trying to deliver personalized ads across social and display channels to increase engagement with key accounts and serve them a unique experience on your website. With the buyer journey becoming increasingly digital, our research shows 63% of B2B marketers are doing programmatic ad buying to reach audiences digitally. D&B Audience Targeting can help deliver digital ads, and D&B Visitor Intelligence can help deliver personalized experiences on your website.

deliver personalized web experiences
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