Corporate Compliance

D&B Onboard

D&B Onboard can help you quickly vet third parties so you can mitigate risk and accelerate due diligence.

Corporate regulatory compliance made easier
Corporate compliance is more complex than ever. Information is dispersed across multiple sources and manually managing it slows you down and increases the risk of error. D&B Onboard provides a single point of access to information and tools to more easily research and make compliance decisions.
Online tool providing access to multiple sources of compliance data from a single location
Screening and monitoring entities to help ensure compliance with global sanctions and regulations
Corporate linkage to see the complete picture of a business’s family tree
Supports automation of compliance and onboarding activities
How It Works

Minimize Financial, Legal and Reputational Risk Exposure

The best way to be sure a business entity is who they say they are is to validate against a trusted third-party source.
D&B Onboard leverages the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud - the world’s most comprehensive business data and analytical insights. This compliance solution provides deep, live business identity insight with more than hundreds of millions of business records, that is updated on a continuous basis. Itis relied on by more than 90% of the Fortune 500™ companies as well as US and UK government entities. D&B Onboard returns robust firmographic, operational and financial data and checks against OFAC, AML, PEPs watchlists and other compliance sources, so you can verify the business and determine if it is accurately representing itself.

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