Finance Solutions

Leverage finance data and insights to help drive growth, manage risk, minimize fraud, and connect your organization.

Finance Solutions to Improve Business Performance Transform finance into a modern, data-inspired business growth engine by using global data and insights from Dun & Bradstreet’s Data Cloud to help manage risk, drive profitability, minimize fraud, and connect your company.
Your Challenge: Managing More Than Just Risk Today’s finance leader is faced with rising complexity, charged with protecting against the downside of business risk, and must do more with fewer resources. Today’s finance leader must know how to manage risk and minimize fraud, while driving profitable growth and leading their company’s data integration strategies, often as part of digital transformation.
Managing risk, growth, and integration starts with having the right finance data management and analytically-derived insights to improve your business performance.

D&B Finance Solutions

Critical Components of Smart Finance Strategy With Dun & Bradstreet data and insights, customers accelerate revenue, reduce costs, manage risks, and transform their businesses. Dun & Bradstreet’s most successful customers have adopted modern business practices to select, manage, and monitor their customers, suppliers, and partners while identifying growth opportunities. Our Data Cloud powers a range of finance solutions that clear a path to achieve business performance improvement across every business operation.
Risk Management Strike the right balance between risk and opportunity across your business relationships. Whether your business relationships span cities or the globe, D&B delivers the data, analytics, and insight to manage risk with clear vision. Live Business Identity – a cornerstone of our Data Cloud – monitors business activity, keeping our data continually updated, so you can stay ahead of changes. Learn More
Profitable Growth Take the fastest path to the best opportunities. Use data and analytics to find opportunities to help accelerate revenue, identify new opportunities, and achieve operational efficiency. We help finance and credit teams drive growth with insights delivered either directly from our Data Cloud, or through our range of Data Cloud-powered solutions. Learn More
Business Integration Communicate insight and standardize data management across your business. When data is spread across different silos within a company, activating it to drive growth is nothing more than a pipe dream. The data-inspired finance leader connects business insights and standardizes data structure and management across silos to communicate insight and connect the organization. Learn More
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No two days are the same, no two customers are the same, and no two deals are the same. However, our credit management and compliance process is robustly built, giving us firm values in turbulent times.
Monique Diepenhorst-du Burck , Contract Review Manager , Toshiba Medical Systems Europe