The New Model for Sales and Marketing Performance: 3 ABM Use Cases

In our eBook, The New Model for Sales and Marketing Success, we share examples of how our solutions helped customers improve their business performance. Read these real-world use cases and think about how to apply these solutions to your organization.

Sustainable data practices drive campaign success at Ricoh USA

Ricoh USA, Inc., is one of the largest document management and solutions companies in the United States.

The challenge:

  • 60-70% of Ricoh’s accounts did not have contacts associated with them.
  • Many accounts were duplicate records with different account IDs.
  • There was no data integration between their CRM, marketing automation platforms, or other systems.
  • They lacked confidence in the accuracy of their data and were concerned about hitting spam traps in their email campaigns.

These data challenges were directly impacting Ricoh’s ability to accurately analyze their data and identify their best marketing opportunities. In the instances where firmographic data was available, the lack of contacts associated with these key accounts made target marketing virtually impossible.

How Dun & Bradstreet helped:

D&B Optimizer for Marketing helped enable Ricoh to address their immediate challenges and more. With access to the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud, Ricoh was able to assess, cleanse, and enrich their data. This process included appending the universal Dun & Bradstreet D‑U‑N‑S® Number to all their records, which allowed them to align data intelligence across their technology systems. The D‑U‑N‑S® Number also provided Ricoh with the ability to sync their marketing prospect contact data to their CRM when it became sales qualified — further enabling their lead scoring model in Eloqua.

The team at Dun & Bradstreet has partnered with me all the way to ensure I am realizing the full value of my D&B Optimizer subscription. Dun & Bradstreet data is the best in the industry, allowing me to deliver on Ricoh’s marketing strategy and achieve campaign success.
Erin Faust, Director of Marketing, Ricoh

Ricoh also took advantage of D&B Optimizer’s real-time form enrichment connector for Eloqua, allowing them to seamlessly enrich their web forms with deep firmographic and demographic information while shortening their online forms and increasing form completion rates. With clean, complete, and actionable data, Ricoh can now segment and profile target markets with confidence while customizing messaging and targeting high-value contacts with ease.


Ricoh’s results:

  • Ricoh found that the accuracy for leads generated improved by up to 86% in some instances.
  • Enriching contact data resulted in better conversion rates by upwards of 10% in some instances.
  • In order to maintain campaign success, the team has implemented a data-quality benchmarking process that has had positive benefits, including better visibility into key vertical segments.

4C delivers ABM strategies with consistent online and offline targeting

4C is a data science and marketing technology company helping brands win the epic battle for consumer attention.

The challenge:

  • With nearly $2 billion in spend flowing through their Scope platform, 4C had some visibility into the accounts that represented their most valuable customers and prospects, but they needed a way to reach the individuals managing those brands to drive awareness and expand wallet share.
  • 4C did not have a way to pinpoint key accounts across online and offline channels consistently.
  • 4C has been primarily using attributes like city, job title, and age (combined with some behavioral targeting in LinkedIn and Twitter) to reach key targets. Unfortunately, probabilistic data can be inexact if proxies are based on incorrect assumptions.

How Dun & Bradstreet helped:

VP of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Joshua (“Josh”) Dreller provided Dun & Bradstreet with a list of 1,000 target accounts he wanted to reach. Those accounts were matched to digital cookies and mobile IDs and distributed to 4C’s demand-side platform (DSP), AppNexus, as well as Twitter and Facebook.

Our future is that 100% of our advertising will be targeted. If you want to fill funnel, fill it with people you want to reach.
Joshua Dreller, Vice President, Account-Based Marketing, 4C

To integrate their digital strategy with traditional offline prospecting, Josh used D&B Hoovers to mine email addresses and location information at target accounts. 4C’s Demand Generation team is helping align email campaigns to the social advertising strategy by loading them to Pardot for execution. This also facilitates sales and marketing alignment by providing sellers with account intelligence grounded in the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud.


4C’s results:

Josh Dreller saw results in terms of both ROI and seeing more strategic accounts visiting the 4C website. In Dreller’s own words:

“With the CPM cost savings of about 65%, we could push more budget back into working media, enabling us to serve more impressions and make a greater impact, not to mention working directly with Dun & Bradstreet gave us great control, transparency, and flexibility in our campaign.”

“Using deterministic segments to run ABM has created results that have ‘wowed’ the team, specifically around seeing more of our strategic accounts on our site. We feel we’re on right track and are doubling down on Dun & Bradstreet data going into the future.”

Pegasystems aligns and empowers sales and marketing efforts

Pegasystems creates applications to support sales, marketing, service, and operations for enterprise companies.

The challenge:

Data is ever-changing and requires constant updates, but Pegasystems didn’t just need a tool. Its sales teams needed a true data partner to assist in identifying and analyzing the contact, company, and industry information that would result in revenue for their business.

How Dun & Bradstreet helped:

When Joseph Santos came to Pegasystems, he had used Dun & Bradstreet’s solutions at a previous organization. Tasked with replacing an existing account research tool, Santos knew exactly where to turn. D&B Hoovers enabled his sales team to find updated information and ensure prospect data was up to date.

When teams have access to relevant and accurate data, they can move quickly and identify opportunities they may have missed otherwise. D&B Hoovers provided the verification Pegasystems’ teams needed to verify the eligibility of contacts and monitor accounts for relevant signals. D&B Hoovers’ simple, intuitive interface helped account executives and business generation representatives gain fluency with the solution quickly, so they could spend more time selling. Dun & Bradstreet didn’t simply give Pegasystems more data; it provided the company with a partner that positively influences sales, marketing, and lead-generation activities.

Pegasystems’ results:

  • The team can quickly research and connect with new accounts and have confidence that contact, company, and industry information is accurate and relevant.
  • Dun & Bradstreet has even made it easier for new employees to onboard into their positions.
  • The marketing team has benefited from the ability to monitor entire industries and access analyst reports that can help inform sales decisions.
  • Data remains updated and actionable, which helps to avoid decay that can lead to lost sales.

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