Marketing Trend Spotlight: Programmatic Marketing

Programmatic Ad Buying is Gaining Traction in the B2B Space

While there has been a fair amount of buzz around programmatic advertising, we acknowledge that this is still an emerging practice for B2B marketers. Before you place a single ad programmatically, you need to analyze the companies and decision makers that represent your ideal target audience.

This internal analysis on existing customers requires accurate and complete data so that marketing teams can identify the key characteristics of those companies that represent the most profitable relationships. The more definitive the data is on those companies, the more accurate your ad placement will be.

In this piece, we focus on the insights from our 2016 Marketing Data Report as it relates to Programmatic Marketing. Here’s what you’ll learn:

    We need to stop thinking about digital marketing and think more about marketing in the digital world.
    Marc Mathieu, Global Vice President, Unilever Products
  • Why programmatic advertising is at a tipping point
  • How deterministic data can improve the ROI of your programmatic activities 
  • The top industries targeted in the past year
  • What B2B marketers consider to be the most important goals of a digital advertising strategy

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