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D&B Lattice for Marketo

Native integration transforms predictive analytics into revenue by identifying high-value targets and enabling hyper-targeted marketing programs.

Send The Right Leads To Sales
D&B Lattice integrates into Marketo enabling powerful predictive lead scoring and omnichannel orchestration capabilities. Score incoming leads by their propensity to purchase. As well as orchestrate hyper-targeted omnichannel campaigns, ensuring messaging is consistent across all channels.
Predictive insights are automatically filtered in to Eloqua
Create personalized segments for hyper personalized campaigns
Leads and contacts are automatically routed into specific programs based on their score, fit and behavior

Adobe: Real-Time Scoring Drives Sales & Marketing Alignment

Learn how the Adobe team is using D&B Lattice to score and prioritize 14,000+ daily inbound leads in real-time. Driving significantly increased efficiency and better alignment between Marketing and Sales.

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