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Shed Some Light on the Buying Journey
The B2B buying journey is more self-serve and digital than ever before, and marketers need to identify their in-market buyers early to be successful. This is where intent data comes into play – to help find prospects that are in-market to buy now.
Customized to the keywords unique to your business and use case, instead of choosing from a list of pre-defined topics
Targets buying locations at the site level with the D‑U‑N‑S® Number, not domain, and aggregates signals across a corporate family
Uses patented processes leveraging NLP and deep learning to screen content relevancy and map billions of unique online engagement events each week
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How It Works

  1. We take your keywords from paid search that align to your campaign objectives
  2. We create a custom model that combs through billions of digital events and uses proprietary analytics to pinpoint the accounts that are showing buying activity toward your keywords
  3. We deliver your in-market accounts each week, alongside the strength of the intent signal (Intent Score) and the type of content that was engaged with (Buying Score)

Intent Data for B2B Sales and Marketing

Intent data can make account-based sales and marketing campaigns more effective. This eBook gives you the background and insights you need to make intent part of your strategy.

  • What intent data is – and isn’t
  • Where intent comes from
  • 5 use cases
  • Privacy and compliance awareness
  • Getting the most from intent

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