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D&B Account Based Marketing

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Take Your ABM to the Next Level
D&B Account Based Marketing enables you to quickly and easily build, execute, and measure compelling omnichannel campaigns that engage and inspire targeted buying groups to take action.
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Unlimited Insights
Use powerful identity resolution and Dun & Bradstreet Live Business Identity to connect disparate data sources and create a cohesive view of accounts and buying groups.

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Automated Omnichannel Orchestration
Create a consistent brand experience that inspires audiences to take action by deploying more responsive ABM campaigns.

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Open Activation
Use AI-powered insight to identify the right audiences to target so you can get more out of your paid media spend, utilize social channels more effectively and empower your SDRs.

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Full-funnel Measurement
Use multi-touch attribution models to measure success and provide insights for continuous program improvement.

Purpose-Built for World-Class ABM Strategy

Segment Across All Data Sources and Find Your Best Customers

Intelligent Lead and Account Prioritization​

Leverage the power of AI and proprietary analytical modeling to prioritize your audiences based on fit, intent, and risk.​ D&B ABM Datasheet D&B CDP Datasheet

Total Addressable Market (TAM) Analysis Made Easy

Combine your customer attributes with Dun & Bradstreet intent, firmographics, and risk to leverage insightful visualizations into family trees, heat maps, and cross-tabs. D&B ABM for TAM Datasheet Learn More!

Attract Across Channels with the Right Message, at the Right Time

Always-On Omnichannel Experiences at Scale

Use your existing tech stack with any activation channel without being restricted to walled gardens. D&B ABM Datasheet D&B CDP Datasheet

Set It and Forget It Account Based Advertising

Attract the right prospects that have the highest chance of converting with always refreshed and activated campaigns. D&B ABM for Account Based Advertising Learn More!

Engage and Accelerate the Buyer's Journey with Account Personalization in Real Time

Serve Personalized Experiences on Your Website to Expedite the Buying Journey

Action on your match data by delivering relevant experiences to your visitors with open integrations into CMS. D&B ABM Datasheet D&B CDP Datasheet

Remove Friction From Lead Forms and Accelerate the Path to Conversion

Capture web analytics in real-time, matched to the D-U-N-S® Number with open integration into web analytics. D&B ABM for Personalization Learn More!

Convert Faster and Empower Sellers with Insights and Recommendations

Focus on Your Best Prospects and Accelerate the Path to Conversion

Leverage predictive analytics to determine your best targets and save selling time. D&B ABM Datasheet D&B CDP Datasheet

Feed Recommendations to Sales with Talking Points and Insights

Arm your sellers with timely and relevant information to foster informed conversations all within your CRM. D&B ABM for Account Based Web Analytics Learn More!

Measure Success and Optimize Performance

Track Account Engagement by the Journey Stage

Transparent multi-touch reporting and attribution – not piecemeal data that has to be stitched together. D&B ABM Datasheet D&B CDP Datasheet

Get the Full Picture with a Single Source of Truth, Even Outside Your Own Web Properties

Stitch together on-site web engagement with offsite ad exposure and measure your progress with flexible methodologies that align to your KPIs. Learn More!

Real Customers, Real Results