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D&B Lattice for Salesforce

Empower your sales team with AI “Recommended” Sales Plays
From Data Insight to Execution
Bring the power of data and predictive insights right where your sales team lives – in their CRM systems.
Build a 360° View of your customers and prospects
With the addition of the D&B Data Cloud, D&B Lattice consolidates all siloed customer data into one view (CRM) – giving you and your sellers a full view of customers and prospects
AI “Recommended” Sales Plays
Apply AI to your customer data to surface new cross-sell, upsell & net-new opportunities for sales directly within their CRM - with recommendations on who to talk to, what to say and why
Manage Sales Performance
Reports allow front line managers to identify opportunities for sale rep coaching and improve team performance

AI “Recommended” Sales Plays Directly in SFDC

Built on and natively integrated with Salesforce1, D&B Lattice Buyer Insights shows recommendations about how likely leads, accounts and customers are to buy, what they’re likely to buy and when. Learn more on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Real-time Customer Data Segmentation

With all customer data in one place D&B Lattice enables you to build hyper-targeted audience segments in seconds as opposed to weeks.

How Msc Industrial Lifts Sales Performance With AI

Learn how MSC Industrial lifts sales revenue by 3-5% per rep, per year by using AI “recommended” sales plays from D&B Lattice. Pointing their reps towards the right accounts, with the right messaging at the right time to drive huge increases in pipeline and deal size.

“Not only were the models able to prioritize customers that had a higher likelihood to buy but also those who could deliver more revenue to our organization – which in the pockets of our sellers is very important.”

- Marina Schubow 
Senior Manager, Business & Marketing Analytics , CDW

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