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The Replacement

Dun & Bradstreet and Salesforce Offer Powerful Replacements for Clean and ProspectorGet a Free Trial of D&B Optimizer

The Data You Depend on with Even Better Functionality

With the retirement of on the horizon, we've partnered with Salesforce through the AppExchange and Lightning Data to offer you two powerful replacements for both Clean and Prospector. These pre-integrated solutions benefit your team with automated data quality checks and governance, a view into corporate hierarchies to identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities, easier prospecting, and smarter customer outreach to help build pipeline faster. Your customer data is one of your most valuable assets and your replacement will have a big impact on how it's managed. Take control now and choose a replacement solution from Dun & Bradstreet.

Optimizer for Salesforce


The Clean Replacement: D&B Optimizer for Salesforce

Data quality is a big problem for CRM administrators and users. Salesforce estimates that 91% of CRM data is incomplete and 70% of that data decays annually. D&B Optimizer for Salesforce continuously manages the account and lead data within your Salesforce environment and will empower you to:

  • Automate enrichment to improve data completeness and accuracy
  • Accelerate growth by prioritizing accounts based on 80 fields of advanced information
  • Identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities with visibility into corporate linkages and family trees via the D-U-N-S number.
  • Increase sales productivity by eliminating manual data entry efforts
  • Visualize key business segments with robust dashboards to drive better market analysis




"While D&B Hoovers has many products, we use their sales intelligence solution to supplement our prospecting and data quality. With easy integration into our Salesforce CRM we are able to quickly identify relevant prospects and add them to our CRM and launch campaigns to attract and engage. The ability to create dynamic lists and a comprehensive and customizeable search is also nice."

Matt Shachter, Director of Marketing, T-Pro Solutions Prospector Replacement


The Prospector Replacement: D&B Hoovers

Integrated with Salesforce, D&B Hoovers is a robust sales intelligence solution that features world-class company and contact data, plus powerful prospecting features. Our embedded QuickView Company Profiles turn your Salesforce instance into a more powerful B2B prospecting and account management resource, so your teams can focus on closing more deals instead of hunting for information. You can build pipeline faster with:

  • Powerful contacts search and list building tools to ensure your sales pipeline is always filled with qualified leads
  • Speed sales cycles by knowing who to contact and what to say thanks to real-time sales triggers, predictive indicators, recent news, deep industry analysis, and more
  • A complete customer and account view when used together with D&B Optimizer to ensure the highest data quality and consistency across your Salesforce applications




"The integration with Salesforce was a huge timesaver. Removing the manual process has increased the efficiency of the team 10 fold. Love the 'get company alerts' feature."

Glenn D. Baker, Sales & Business Development, Egencia

What is

In 2011, announced the launch of, a cloud-based solution to help clean data and provide sales intelligence in CRM systems. This launch also announced a new partnership with Dun & Bradstreet to aid the data enrichment and hygiene for company information in Salesforce. Since then, with the industry's most trusted commercial data delivered into, sales leaders can segment markets and target the most profitable accounts with precision. Salesforce administrators and sales operations leaders use the data to efficiently plan territories, drive custom rules and workflows, and improve overall data governance efforts.

Why is Retiring?

Since launched, the Salesforce platform and ecosystem has grown, and data has gotten more specialized. Automated customer and prospect interactions, analytics and face-to-face meetings, determined by underlying information that resides in Salesforce, have become essential in driving revenue growth. As demand for specialized data increased, customers began to ask Salesforce for help integrating and using these new data sets. The Lightning Data platform and AppExchange provide a powerful new way for customers to work with trusted data partners in Salesforce. Lightning Data offerings allow customers to build more intelligent and automated processes to improve overall CRM user adoption and customer success, without the need for IT involvement. subscribers benefit from Lightning Data by choosing D&B Optimizer to keep access to the core firmographic data that supports the custom rules and workflows your team already uses.


Get up to speed with our 10 minute or less micro-webinars designed to quickly help you learn more as you plan your replacement path.

Account-Based Marketing - Access the Data you need to target the accounts that matter most

Data decay is the enemy of ABM! We'll quickly look at how D&B Optimizer and D&B Hoovers for Salesforce keep you on the right path to a successful ABM engagement when ends.

D&B Optimizer for Salesforce

This two-minute video shows how D&B Optimizer works to keep your account and lead information more up to date, complete, and accurate with continual data hygiene.

Account-Based Marketing - Access the Data you need to target the accounts that matter most

Data decay is the enemy of ABM! We'll quickly look at how D&B Optimizer and D&B Hoovers for Salesforce keep you on the right path to a successful ABM engagement when ends.

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