Master Data

D&B Optimizer

D&B Optimizer cleans and enriches company and contact data from enterprise applications, delivering the insight you need to grow your business

Turn data into opportunity with D&B Optimizer

Whether you’re in marketing, IT, finance or procurement, the right business data on customers, prospects and suppliers is essential to what you do. D&B Optimizer streamlines data management, matching and validating data against the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud, the world's most comprehensive business data.

How It Works

Using internal resources to integrate data from multiple sources is inefficient. And being customer-focused with bad or inconsistent data is impossible. D&B Optimizer streamlines data management, matching and validating by comparing your data with our Data Cloud, which offers a broad set of global, trusted reference data. Enrich your data by appending additional data points and analytical insights from the Data Cloud. With better insight, your teams are empowered to make better decisions, take action quickly and drive better business results.

Create a single source of truth on customers, prospects and suppliers across CRM, MDM, ERP and AP platforms, by leveraging the Master Data capabilities of our Live Business Identity, anchored by the Dun & Bradstreet D‑U‑N‑S® Number.

Use contact data, firmographics, corporate linkage, financials, risk scores and predictive analysis for the foresight your company needs to uncover opportunities and evaluate risks.

Submit and receive files through multiple delivery methods, including the Web and FTP, and customize the output to suit your needs.

We want to be more in a predictive mode, where we know based upon the data what actions we should be taking. D&B helps us achieve that goal.
Gautam Anne, IT Director , Neopost
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