Revenue Acceleration Summit: Igniting B2B Growth with Digital Marketing

Revenue Acceleration Summit: Igniting Growth for B2B Businesses Using Digital Marketing

September 16, 2020 | Virtual Conference - Ready to rev up your digital strategy? The following three webinars demonstrate how digital marketing strategies involving AI and data can help you expand your reach, deepen engagement and convert buyers faster.

B2B Marketing in a Digital-First World

Learn modern strategies as digital engagement takes over traditional interactions and align revenue teams and resources to ignite growth.

ABM in the Age of AI and Data | 37 mins

Steve Casey, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Hear about the impact of two important trends: the need for sales and marketing to be account-centric and the maturation of AI-powered apps to drive buyers’ experiences.

Decoding Intent Data: Finding In-Market Buyers Within Target Accounts | 34 mins

Brandon Frieden, CEO, Just

Hear about how big brands are igniting growth and accelerating digital engagement using intent and behavioral signals to engage buyers.

Moving from Traditional Interactions to Always-on ABM with Digital | 33 mins

Marie-Laure Carvalho, VP, Marketing Technology, SolarWinds

Hear how this company is speeding digital success and increasing pipeline using intent and behavioral signals.


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