How High-Quality Data Can Improve Your ABM Strategy

Account-Based Marketing is Increasingly Important to B2B Marketers

B2B organizations are turning to ABM practices to identify the businesses, buying centers and decision makers with whom they want to establish relationships. This is nothing new to a lot of sales teams — they’ve been taking this approach for a long time. However, B2B marketers now have the sophistication and the automation available to them to wade in and start adopting this strategy. The timing is perfect because the B2B sale is getting more complex. 

According to IDG, “up to 17 people can now influence enterprise B2B purchases — a 70% increase since 2011.”ABM is highly dependent upon strong firmographic and demographic data. However, it’s more than just knowing the company you are targeting; it’s about understanding the market, the segment and the decision-makers you need to influence. Targeting specific accounts and decision-makers requires a coordinated, synchronized effort across multiple channels; and it requires accurate data to get it right.

You need to activate high-quality data to identify key accounts and targets, reach them at the digital watering holes, and deliver relevant content that accelerates their buyers’ journey. Anything short of this is just more of the same and that isn’t good enough anymore.

In this report, we focus on the insights from our 2016 B2B Marketing Data Report as it relates to Account-Based Marketing.  We’ll cover:

  • Lead scoring
  • Utilizing demographic and firmographic data to improve success
  • Addressing data limitations


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