Simplifying & Harnessing the Power of Your Data to Ignite Growth

Today’s business climate is highly competitive and moving at the speed of light. McKinsey noted that digital commerce has experienced 10 years’ worth of growth in the last 3 months.

With change happening at that kind of exponential speed, every business needs to have a strategy for igniting and accelerating growth – and that needs to be built on a foundation of high-quality data and strong data management.

Dun & Bradstreet recently welcomed leaders from IBM and Juniper for two sessions at the Forrester Data & Insights event. Each of these companies has a compelling story to tell about simplifying and harnessing their data to fuel efficiency and growth – and offers actionable insights for how you can do the same.

Learn the importance of:

  • The importance of harnessing data as a corporate asset
  • Putting people at the center of your data equation
  • How building holistic views across your business is a foundation for growth
  • How simplifying master data to enable your go-to-market organization can lead to success

Watch the on-demand recordings now.

Data Governance by Design with IBM

Speaker: Daniel Benoit, Leader & Executive Consultant, IBM

Learn how IBM structures the fundamentals of their enterprise data governance program. In this session, we review the importance of harnessing data as a corporate asset, putting people at the center of your data equation, and how building multiple 360 views across your enterprise fuels efficiency and growth.

Master Data Master Class: How Juniper Simplified Its Data Stack to Accelerate Business Impact

Speaker: Sandhya Mahadevan, Director of Sales Operations- MDM/CRM Architect, Juniper Networks ​

Learn how Juniper’s Customer Master Data Management team committed to simplifying their master data to enable their go-to-market organization to focus on growing the business. In this session, we cover their approach & methodology, as well as their process, leading metrics and key learnings in their journey of continuous process improvement.