Dun & Bradstreet’s Data Driven Recipe for 2021 Go-To-Market Success

As teams build their strategic priorities and plans for 2021, best-in-class marketers are looking at a combination of data, insights and technology to drive growth. In 2020, 42% of marketers are spending 40% or more of their budget on digital marketing.

The coming year will require a continued substantial investment in digital activation. This all adds up to an imperative need to understand how a strong data foundation, or lack thereof, can impact your plans.

In this on-demand recording, a team of Dun & Bradstreet experts discuss the foundational steps you can take to prepare your organization for strategic, measurable and predictable growth results in 2021. We cover:

  • Why a strong data foundation is critical to your success;
  • The key steps to prepare your business to ignite measurable growth; and
  • How a strong matching, cleansing, and enriching process is the foundation for your global customer view.

Armed with this information, you can deliver valuable insights and accelerate campaign activation and impact.

Watch now.