D&B Onboard

With our global and trusted data, you can ensure that requirements are adhered to and thus your compliance at all times

Do you know your customers and business partners?

  • Web-based identification of business partners
  • Over 420 million companies worldwide
  • Global data on beneficial owners (UBO)
  • Review of the PEP and sanctions lists and adverse media data
  • Audit-proof documentation directly in D&B Onboard
Increase your turnover through our global Onboarding solution

Find out quickly and easily whether your potential business partner is trustworthy and whether there are no compliance risks. In this way, you reduce regulatory risks and the threat of possible damage to your reputation.

Quickly conduct business with new partners
In four steps to success:

1. Define the goal of your review. This applies to every new business partner or supplier.

2. Identify the company or person to be checked. You get access to compliance-related information, such as sanctions lists, information on the beneficial owner, adverse media and PEP lists.

Add notes (such as categorisations and alerts).

4. JEach check can be archived directly in D&B Onboard and is fully traceable for all users. The checks can be regularly followed up to secure and automate the processes of the department.

Why D&B Onboard is the right solution for you

Access global sanctions lists
Archive your search processes for the purpose of audit-proof documentation
Find out quickly & easily who is the beneficial owner
Make faster, compliant decisions based on trusted data

Your benefits:

  • Identification of the beneficial owner
  • Screening against sanctions lists and watch lists
  • Information about PEPs & adverse media
  • Reports are always delivered including time stamp & date
  • Audit-proof documentation
  • Company overview
  • Financial information about the company (credit report)
  • Online tool - installation and IT knowledge are not necessary
  • Daily updates
  • Flexible product configurations
  • Family trees