D&B Direct for Compliance | API

Minimise compliance risks and accelerate business partner reviews.

Ensure your global compliance with real-time API access
Ensure your global compliance with up-to-date information in real-time

Complex requirements determine how and with whom you do business. Due diligence means selecting a trustworthy business partner and identifying possible compliance risks.

Effective and compliant onboarding of global business partners
Secure and automated onboarding processes with compliance-related data
This API provides you with the world's largest commercial company source in a programmable form to meet the specific needs of your business. In addition, the interface allows you to integrate D&B's global insights into key systems and workflows in real-time. They control the data and processing and set the rules. Your systems remain with the same look and feel. Adapt all aspects to your compliance needs: for integrated real-time onboarding processes, for compliance with relevant regulations and laws and for the legitimacy check of new customers (KYC - Know Your Customer).
In this way we enable a smooth due diligence
Clearly identify your business partners clearly using our D&B DUNS number. Verify company data according to your risk-based approach. Identify beneficial owners and economic owners (UBO) even beyond your national borders. Check sanction and PEP lists and adverse media data. Evaluate risks based on the data attributes relevant to you. Continually monitor changes to ensure that compliance is maintained. Document your decisions in an audit-proof manner. Easy integration into your existing technical solutions via SaaS, DaaS or Batch Take advantage of a single, trusted data source for compliance.

Why D&B Direct for Compliance is the right solution for you

Modern and fast APIs with global data
Access to 60 risk codes and data on beneficial owners (UBO)
Legally compliant and fast decision-making processes in real time
Complete integration into your existing systems
Your benefits:
  • Reports are always delivered including time stamp & date
  • Five million updates per day
  • Complete integration into your existing systems
  • Your systems remain with the same look and feel
  • Data on beneficial owners (UBO)
  • Screening against sanctions lists and watch lists
  • Information about PEPs & adverse media
  • Real-time verification
  • Real-time notification