Credit Management

Efficient resources are essential for credit management. Above a certain credit limit, it is advisable to integrate the assessment of credit risk into your own systems by means of an API and no longer to process it via external platforms.

Should risks always be avoided?

Many companies see risks as something completely negative. However, this attitude often results in business opportunities being missed and companies arranging their credit management centrally. Consequently, only one person or a few employees are entrusted with it. If instead companies would concentrate on optimising risks, additional business opportunities could be created. With good information based on clearly defined parameters, the credit management can be optimised and entrusted to more people. By reducing the processing time by up to 90 percent, there is scope to accept more new customers. So, the answer is "no"; risks should not always be avoided. Instead, risks should be assessed and optimised. Our credit management services ensure that you receive relevant information about companies and consumers in the DACH region and thus always have an eye on their creditworthiness.