D&B DunTrade®

One of the world's largest payment experience pools

Your network for payment experiences

Changes in a company's payment behaviour are an important indicator of the economic situation of a company. With the Dun & Bradstreet DunTrade® programme you benefit from the forecasting power of one of the largest payment experience pools in the world and stay informed about your customers' payment behaviour. Monitor the payment behaviour and liquidity of your business partners to minimise business risks and optimise payment processes! This is based on real business invoices that Dun & Bradstreet collects and analyses for you.

DunTrade® - Effective information and early warning system
DunTrade® is one of the largest payment experience pools worldwide

For more than 30 years, national and international companies from all industries have been submitting their debtor data to the programme in anonymised form. DunTrade® thus provides information on the current payment methods of individual companies and an objective trend analysis.

Dun & Bradstreet DunTrade® is the only payment experience pool able to combine customer and supplier data with Swiss and international reference data.

Payment experiences as the most important creditworthiness indicator
How good is your receivables management? High outstanding accounts and bad debts can put a considerable strain on your liquidity. Therefore, it is important to continuously monitor the payment behaviour of your customers. The payment experiences gathered with Dun & Bradstreet DunTrade® provide you with valuable comparison options.
Does your customer pay you later than other companies?
Then you involuntarily grant him a supplier credit. Reduce this as quickly as possible - because the fewer days of outstanding accounts, the higher your cash flow!
  • Do your customers pay you rather quickly or late compared to the industry?
  • How does the payment behaviour of your customers compare to the market situation?
  • What financial leeway do you have until your claims are settled?
The payment behaviour information from Dun & Bradstreet DunTrade® provides you with a benchmark for how efficient your accounts receivable management is.
What advantages do participants in the DunTrade® programme have?

As a participating partner, you will gain insight into the payment behaviour of your customers in the market free of charge. The analyses and graphically prepared evaluations:

  • show you a trend analysis for assessing your own receivables management in comparison to others.
  • serve as an early warning indicator for the avoidance of bad debts.
  • help you with contract negotiations and dunning to reduce your days sales outstanding (DSO).
  • are available for you at any time. For example, via the internet or directly via your accounting system using D&B interface solutions.

Reward your punctual paying business partners by participating in the Dun & Bradstreet DunTrade® programme. Report on their exemplary payment behaviour and thereby improve risk assessment.

This is what DunTrade® offers you:

  • Monitoring the payment behaviour of your active customer base
  • Preparation of trend analyses
  • Extension of internal payment experiences by external payment experiences
  • Implementation of risk analyses of the receivables portfolio
  • Largest payment experience pool worldwide with a history of over 30 years
  • Early identification of impending insolvency risks and avoidance of bad debts
  • Optimisation of payment processes and increase of cash flow
  • The only payment experience pool in Switzerland that combines customer and supplier data with Swiss and international reference data

Why using DunTrade®?

Monitor the payment behaviour of your active customer base
Contract negotiations and payment arrangements
Avoid bad debt losses
Reduce your outstanding accounts and increase your cash flow
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