Risk Management & Credit Management

We know your customers and business partners - do you?

An efficient risk management helps you to identify opportunities and risks for your company at an early stage. This is only possible with reliable data, which you can use to assess existing customers and new business partners and to detect possible corporate linkages.

With us you can adjust your risk management individually to your requirements. In addition to Dun & Bradstreet's global database, risk management also includes your own data about your existing customers with the greatest possible transparency.

New customer relationships always entail the risk of different opinions, e.g. with regard to punctual receipt of payments or the fact that invoices must always be paid. A customer may find it perfectly legitimate and not at all conspicuous to regularly transfer large sums of money to a small pharmaceutical company in a remote desert village.

Through an effective risk management and credit management you know exactly who you are dealing with and can thus avoid unforeseeable business risks. With the market-leading and tailor-made financial and credit risk management with Dun & Bradstreet solutions you are always in control, can avoid unpleasant surprises and identify new business potential.

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Frequently asked questions about risk management

How does a good risk management contribute to the success of a company?

Risk management starts with controlling. Dun & Bradstreet professionally fills information gaps by digitally processing global economic data. In this way uncertainties in decisions can be reduced. By accessing Dun & Bradstreet’s payment information tool you can identify credit problems with suppliers and business partners and reduce bad debts.

Why should risk management be controlled across departments?

The controlling department is in close contact with the operational accounting department. A functioning risk management which works across departments, is the basis for your business success. Combine financial risk management and the risk management in controlling to achieve your goals. Dun & Bradstreet's systems can be used in a variety of ways and convert information into insights that are important to you. With risk management in controlling you act with foresight and results-oriented. Analyses of relevant data from your company, combined with Dun & Bradstreet's external sources, allow you to make a clearer picture of the situation in the controlling risk management to develop optimal solutions and monitor risk positions, while at the same time minimising and in the best case completely eliminating them.

Is risk management also relevant for medium-sized companies?

There are two types of risk management in medium-sized companies, which target two different types of risk: credit and financing risk and procurement risk. Both can be addressed quickly and effectively by Dun & Bradstreet with solutions for risk management in mid-sized businesses.

This is possible with the world's largest database of corporate information. Dun & Bradstreet provides you with information on more than 420 million companies worldwide, including approximately 5.1 million German companies.

By analysing this data, you can see risks before they arise. For example, gain insight into the credit risk of potential customers. Using country and economic information, you can anticipate insolvencies and avoid payment defaults. Your outstanding accounts can also be reduced and shortened with our solutions. This saves a lot of money every year and thus opens up new opportunities for your company.