D&B Direct for Master Data

Lay the foundation for achieving your business goals: With globally uniformly structured data, which ideally support your processes and increase the value of your data.

Optimise your data processes: Efficient, automated, company-wide!
Utilise the potential of your data

D&B Direct for Master Data provides you with worldwide data in a common data standard. By connecting your own data with the most carefully maintained, structured and up-to-date D&B data, you get a better overview of your business relationships, identify the most relevant sales opportunities as quickly as possible, better understand supply chains and, last but not least, better understand the potential for fraud and risk

Secure a competitive advantage through networked and structured Master Data

Why D&B Direct Master Data is the right solution for you

Enrich your data basis through access to the data and analyses from D&B
You will get a precise overview of the companies you are dealing with
Access the prepared business data from D&B in real-time.
Gain a competitive advantage through fully networked and structured Master Data

Your benefits:

Business Contacts Features:

  • Real-time access to value-adding data
  • Great data quantities - updates for over 330 million data records
  • Dynamic environment managed by you or D&B
  • Connects data across ecosystems - CRM, MDM, ERP and AP platforms
  • Over 5 million updates per day

Business Contacts Features:

  • Standardisation of addresses and comparison of data sets with the D-U-N-SR number
  • Innovative search methods - to support different fields of application.
  • Firmographics, financial data, managing directors
  • Company-wide linked data
  • Modern, cloud-based API offer
  • Efficient monitoring for daily updates on data element level