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D&B Direct for Finance

Assess financial risks and the creditworthiness of potential business partners worldwide in real time

Improve your business results through faster decision making
  • Automated real-time updates and notifications through API
  • Unique identification by D-U-N-S® number
  • Uniform data management & ERP integration
  • Synchronised information flow across all financial systems
  • Global trade experience benchmark Paydex
  • Improved cash flow through combined risk and opportunity analysis

Provide your team with new insights on an ongoing basis

By reducing credit risk, you can identify new opportunities faster. In this way you improve your cash flow in the long term. This is made possible by the unified flow of information across all financial systems. D&B Direct for Finance accelerates and streamlines your business processes and thus ensures better results.

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Financial professionals need structured data

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Focus on the really important things thanks to new insights

Especially in customer contact, vast amounts of data are generated daily. Companies have become very good at collecting data in recent years - but what do you really gain from this data?

Are they relevant? Meaningful? Reliable? Often the answer is unfortunately: no!

The main problem is that unreliable data sets often lead to bad decisions. They also require frequent, manual testing, which in turn slows down sales cycles considerably.

With D&B Direct for Finance you can leave these problems behind and concentrate on the growth of your company.

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DaaS is the next evolutionary step in data-driven finance!

With the increasing complexity of data, the expectations of financial professionals are also increasing. They must be able to understand and interpret the data. And this across various systems. This is the only way to keep a company healthy these days.

D&B Direct offers real-time integration and data-as-a-service to bridge existing gaps. In this way you improve your risk management, accelerate sales cycles and thus enable sustainable growth.

Cash flow also benefits from the likewise optimised credit risk management. New opportunities become visible and through automation, all this happens more reliably and faster than you are used to until now.

Data-as-a-Service is enabled by an API interface.

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Why using D&B Direct for Finance?

Synchronise the flow of information via the financial systems in real time
Access all relevant data via your ERP and accounting systems
Accelerate due diligence reviews
Automate complex financial processes like risk management

This is what you get:

  • D&B global D-U-N-S® number
  • DaaS - Data as a Service
  • Real-time integration
  • Paydex
  • Over 5 million daily updates
  • Synchronised information flow
  • Worldwide monitoring (unique)
  • Intuitive APIs, documentation and test system
  • Innovative product & partner network
  • High volume updates available with over 330 million entries

DnB Finance feature 2

  • Integrate data across accounting & ERP systems
  • Access to D&B Global Data Cloud
  • Compare your data with D&B's golden record
  • Improved cash flow through combined risk and opportunity management
  • Automated decisions for risk/claims management and collection prioritisation
  • Optimised due diligence process for new businesses and acquisitions
  • Converts Finance into a Sales Enabler
  • A better overview of risks and opportunities

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