Five ABM Strategies You Can Run in the Next 90 Days

Focus is Critical to ABM Success

It’s undeniable that Account Based Marketing (ABM) is the B2B strategy to implement in 2021 for organizations that want to ignite growth. Buyer behavior is transforming before our eyes, digital channels are king as most buying has moved online, and planning cycles have accelerated. With such an evolving landscape, speed and flexibility must be present now!

In this recorded session, Alex Southworth, VP of Account Based Marketing at Dun & Bradstreet, shares actionable insights including:

  • Top strategies for digital and ABM success that you can rapidly implement
  • Focusing on the right plays and channels based on your objectives
  • Implementing a phased ABM rollout at your organization

Watch and learn how you can take your ABM efforts to the next level in the next 90 days.