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B2B Marketers See the Promise of Programmatic (Infographic)

The State of 2015 B2B Programmatic Advertising Survey Results: Part 6 of the "Programmatic Matters" Series

When we started this six-part series on programmatic advertising, we wanted to share evidence why this emerging advertising strategy was becoming so popular. We wanted to tell you why it made targeting more effective, how it helped deliver scale and why it is such a cost-effective way to drive results. Basically, we wanted to tell you why programmatic matters. And now, you have told us why programmatic matters to you. We’re closing out our programmatic blog series by sharing your thoughts and opinions on programmatic.

66% of B2B marketers believe programmatic is just as valuable for them as it is for B2C marketers.

We’re pleased to share the results of our 2015 State of B2B Programmatic Advertising. For all the hype around programmatic advertising, not much of it was focused on what it explicitly means for the B2B community. This study should give you a clearer idea of how your B2B colleagues will be investing and using programmatic, and why.

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