D&B Hoovers Supports Sales Productivity

Premier Features Bolster Sales Efficiency

Sales organizations are being hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and are being forced to adapt. There are tremendous challenges and risks associated with any crisis, but careful planning, thoughtful decision making, and sensible execution can help maintain sales productivity and efficiency. With the right resources and tools, sales teams can weather the storm and come out strong in the long term.

To help sales teams overcome current challenges, Dun & Bradstreet is making four premium features available to all D&B Hoovers™ users for a limited time. These features provide additional support for sales, marketing, and business research needs, providing greater insights into what is happening at the companies you do business with and in the markets that are important to you.

The right information can help with sales prospecting, generating sales leads, and to better serve the needs of existing customers. This information can also help savvy organizations work more efficiently and avoid engaging with potentially risky accounts.

These features are now free to all D&B Hoovers Customers through May 31, 2020.



Industry Insight Is Key

First Research Industry Profiles provide in-depth market insights. This is content written for salespeople, and it’s designed to help you get up to speed quickly on timely issues and opportunities that are impacting an industry. Sales teams can focus on what they do best – connecting with new and existing customers and building relationships – helping spare them from time-consuming and expensive research.

First Research contains more than 500 in-depth industry profiles, written by Dun & Bradstreet’s in-house editorial team. These profiles provide easy-to-understand market insights that can help you understand trends, opportunities, and challenges affecting companies in that industry, so you can be better equipped to create targeted messaging and have more meaningful engagement with your customers and prospects.

Profiles include industry overviews, forecasts, executive insights, competitive information, and call-prep questions. You can also use this information to help:

  • create business plans and presentations
  • build forecasts and establish benchmarks
  • understand market size and competitive landscapes
  • provide litigation support and business valuations
  • perform due diligence

Company Analytics Matter

Three additional analytic tools provide intelligence on a company’s financial health, buying patterns, and growth potential, factoring in current conditions. This information can help you quickly target qualified prospects and buying centers so you can make more informed decisions about an account and engage with relevance.

Decision HQ saves time for busy sales teams, identifying locations where purchasing decisions are most likely to be made.

Spend Capacity is a spend-ranking tool that leverages Dun & Bradstreet data to model the spending capacity of businesses, to help target and prioritize companies that are more likely to have budget.

Growth Trajectory – helps identify companies that are growing, stable, or shrinking.


Dun & Bradstreet leverages proprietary analytics to assess risk and opportunity across key business metrics to anticipate a company’s future trajectory. Understanding a company’s trajectory can help you be more effective positioning your products based on their business situation and anticipate the future needs of the business.


Watch these tools in action, demonstrated by VP of Product Management, Phil McWade.

Just as B2B buyers are shifting their priorities to adapt to current market situations, sales teams must do the same. Having the right information about your customers and target industries can help prevent pipeline decay, better serve existing customers, and identify new business opportunities.

Understanding Impact

Dun & Bradstreet is offering a free pipeline health scan report to any business, customer and non-customer alike, to help identify accounts that are at higher risk of experiencing operational disruption or financial pressures tied to COVID-19. Request your free report here.