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Study: Facing Forward – The Evolution of the Modern Finance Leader

4 Trends on the Emerging Finance Leader’s Shifting Role

The role of the finance leader is evolving — with the last few years in particular seeing a clear shift from financial guardian to strategic partner, and key adviser, on the future direction of the business. More and more, finance leaders find themselves alongside business leaders at the heart of the organisation — not just monitoring and reporting on revenue, but actively seeking out opportunities to grow it.

Finance leaders are not handing over financial guardianship; they are instead being asked to add “business growth” to their increasing list of responsibilities.
Tim Vine, Vice President, Risk Management, Dun & Bradstreet

But are they willing participants in this shift? And do they feel supported to embrace it fully? Finance leaders are not handing over financial guardianship; they are instead being asked to add "business growth" to their increasing list of responsibilities. Their role may have become more integral to the success of the business than ever, but expectations about what the finance leader can achieve seem to have grown accordingly.

To learn more about the role of the modern finance leader, we gathered views from 200 CFOs and financial directors from across the UK, exploring everything from the roles they perform, to the issues that cause them concern. The results were decisive, providing a clear indication not only as to the mindset of the modern finance leader, but the potential impact that the evolution of their roles could have on the wider business. We uncovered four trends from the study.


The Forward-Facing Finance Leader: 4 Trends Uncovered from the Study

  1. Great Expectations—The face of finance is changing at a rapid pace.
  2. Under Pressure—Finance leaders are pressured to do more with less.
  3. Smarter Decisions—Finance leaders must fuel growth with data.
  4. High Risk-Finance leaders face the danger of conflicting priorities.

To read more about these findings, download our Facing Forward study.

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