Credit & Risk Management

D&B Global Trade Program

Join Dun & Bradstreet’s global network of trade data partners and receive powerful insights into the world of payments.
World’s Largest Commercial Trade Data Network
Participation in the world’s largest commercial trade data network is a powerful way to increase the predictiveness of the insight you use to make credit decisions and manage risk. Leveraging this database that annually processes more than 2 billion trade experiences from 170 countries.

Functional Benefits Helping You Manage Your Account Portfolio in a Much Easier Way

Apart from giving you the ability to unmask your customers’ payment behavior, the D&B Payment Performance Insights also facilitates modern finance and credit team to manage risk with its powerful analytics and insights. With this data, you’ll be able to better manage account receivables and account-level payment performance by identifying potential collection risks and opportunities.

Information shown on your platform is kept confidential.

Current A/R snapshot, segmentation and filtering enable you to understand the exposure and payment performance of customers
Providing in-depth credit exposure evaluation leveraging D&B's corporate linkage capabilities
View account-level firmographics and details to better understand payment performance on an individual customer
Exclusive benchmarking charts and industry norm figures allowing you to refine your company’s credit policies
Watch the Video and Experience How D&B Global Trade Program can Provide Powerful Insights that Benefit Your Organization