Credit & Risk Management

Global Financials

A standard set of financials enabling true and fair comparisons across different organisations in different countries.

A Modern Global Financial Analysis Solution
Access standardised, comparable business reports and analytics benchmarking across different financial reporting standards around the world. Comparability of: Balance Sheets, Profit & Loss accounts and Ratios enable robust decisions and reviews of organisations from different countries.
Search, list, analyse and export data across geographies, industries & financial criteria to deliver consistent insight
Create financial derivations and ratios tailoring analysis according to customer internal standards
Chose currency in which to make comparisons
Five-year trading history on each entity
Local financial data filing formats converted to standard views across a comprehensive range of International markets
Data available via batch transfer or API interface

How It Works

With differing filing requirements and financial reporting standards in each country, assessing financial performance of businesses on your radar screen in a uniform manner is not easy.
D&B Global Financials standardises the base reporting data and produces analytics all enabling true and fair comparisons.

Our global capability enables live and accurate data feeds to be collected and reformatted into a common global format. When local reporting standards change, this is immediately re-adapted to the standard reporting. Data can be accessed via a direct API or batch feed into your system.