In Times of Stability or Uncertainty, Dun & Bradstreet Can Help

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Navigating the unknown with trusted data and insights

Dun & Bradstreet works continuously to expand the insights we can deliver on commercial entities around the world. It’s part of our vision to create a global network of trust that enables our clients to turn uncertainty into confidence, risk into opportunity, and potential into prosperity. Our commercial, government, and not-for-profit clients rely on our decisioning data and insights to improve and accelerate their business outcomes.

Since the start of 2019, we have grown the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud by 13%. Here are some key highlights:

  • 355 million global entities
  • 3.8M new business in the U.S. identified and Data Cloud records created
  • 12.8M new businesses in China identified and Data Cloud records created
  • Coverage of small and medium-sized business (SMB) has increased. In the US, for example, 99% of newly added entities are in the micro/SMB space (<10 employees), which is a particularly hard group on which to gain insight.

And in the past two years, the representation of core markets (U.S., China, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, and the U.K.) have grown nearly 50%. This provides even more coverage to support your decisions that pertain to suppliers, customers, and other business partners.

This growth of data and insights is great news for our clients in the best of times. But today we find ourselves in unchartered territory in all aspects of our lives. Specific to our “work lives”, insights into the current, fluid business landscape is more important than ever. If navigating your work in this time of COVID-19 requires – or could be made better by – data and insights about your business relationships around the globe, please reach out and let us know how we can help you. (See the contact information at the bottom of our web pages).

New One-Stop COVID -19 Resource

We’ve created a repository of articles and tools to help our customers learn about the impact COVID-19 is having on the world economy, and how Dun & Bradstreet can help support your efforts to protect your business.

On this site you can:

We will be adding new content regularly to help you stay informed. Bookmark the page and refer to it regularly throughout this time of uncertainty.

More on our Data Cloud

Not all readers may be familiar with the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud which offers the world’s most comprehensive business data and analytical insights. It’s an asset used daily by thousands of companies of all sizes around the world, and we believe that it can provide even greater value in times of uncertainty.

The Data Cloud is created on a foundation of data from tens of thousands of sources and tens of millions of websites.

Building on this vast library of collected information, we layer on other trusted sources and Dun & Bradstreet proprietary data. This includes data collected from our long-standing trade program which collects payment and accounts receivable data from companies around the globe; data from the Extreme Risk Consortium, which we founded and now boasts almost 250 members; data that customers provide, and more. In 2019, membership in our trade program grew significantly. Our data scientists use our current data, and our historical archives of data, to perform rich and sophisticated modelling, creating ratings and scores around dimensions such as financial health and business activity that help guide our clients’ decisions. In addition, we are able to measure a company’s “heartbeat” using “activity signals” that come from observations on how our global customer base interacts with each other and with our data.

Hopefully this description presents you with a picture of an extremely robust data set that can give you the insights you may need as you navigate decision making during this turbulent time.

The Data Cloud also offers deep insights into all types of relationships among companies, identifying millions of relationships that can inform your decision making. We leverage information from our global sources, along with proprietary capabilities, to discover and curate millions of business-to-business relationships. These relationships can include corporate hierarchies, ultimate beneficial ownership, alternative-type relationships, historical ownership, and analytically derived connections. We continuously monitor the dynamic changes to these relationships, including corporate actions such as mergers, acquisitions and divestitures and make relevant updates. In 2019, our identified connections grew by 5% overall, with especially high growth in China and India, and individual growth across many African and other Asia Pacific countries. Some of this growth is attributed to new analytical tools we created that leverage data science to help detect relationships. We were also able to identify additional ‘beneficial owners’ of businesses, information which is often essential for compliance use cases.

Support for Sales & Marketing

We understand that contact data is especially important for sales and marketing use cases. In the last 6 months of 2019, we increased contact data in our Data Cloud by almost 12 million records, brought a Customer Data Platform to market (through our acquisition of Lattice Engines), and introduced D&B Buyer Intent Data to help clients discover who is ‘in market’ for their products and services. All of these can help organizations accelerate sales and marketing outcomes more efficiently.

Here for You

As a leader in business decisioning data, Dun & Bradstreet takes seriously our responsibility to provide our clients with the insights they need to improve their business and mission performance. We understand how 2020 business is being disrupted and how our customers’ plans are being revisited in light of COVID-19. As you consider how to respond to these disruptions in your own business, you can trust that we have the data, insights, and tools you need for the most productive interactions with your key business partners.

You can continue to rely on us through this challenging period. If you have questions or want more information, check out, reach out to your sales representative, or phone, chat, or email us using the contact information at the bottom of this page.