5 Key Takeaways from Top Enterprise Risk Management Articles

Dun & Bradstreet’s 5 Favorite Reads on Enterprise Risk

Get up to speed on some of the latest thought leadership on enterprise risk management with a few of Dun & Bradstreet’s favorite risk reads.

#1: A CFO’s Role in Risk Management by EY

The Bottom Line: The CFO’s role in risk management is correlated to bottom-line performance. Emerging risk areas: cybersecurity, social media, global expansion, data and analytics

Takeaway: “Like the brakes on a vehicle, risk management enables companies to slow down when appropriate as opposed to stopping completely.”


#2: Global Risk Management Survey—9th Edition by Deloitte

The Bottom Line: Cybersecurity and regulations are some of the most threatening risks today. Risk management is becoming a standardized practice permeating all levels of organizational leadership.

Takeaway: “Risk management must respond to ‘the new normal’—an environment of continual regulatory change and ever more demanding expectations.”


#3: Unlocking the Power of Data for the CFO by PwC

The Bottom Line: Using data to improve investment decisions can help you respond more quickly and identify acceptable risk levels.

Takeaway:  “The rewards [of using analytics] include increased revenue and profitability; improved operational excellence, control, and risk assessment; enhanced financial reporting and communication; and the ability to make smarter, faster decisions.”


#4: Facing (and Embracing) Strategic Risks by Deloitte

The Bottom Line: CFOs should be focused on strategic risks and should embrace them as an indicator of opportunity, rather than a threat. Big data can help identify strategic risks. 

Takeaway: “Strategic risk is the next frontier of risk management, one that will generate a more nuanced conversation about the risks that are sometimes imposed on companies…”



#5: Global Risk Survey by KPMG

The Bottom Line: Risk management is not advancing quickly enough in response to the changing risk landscape. A global economic crisis and geopolitical instability are some of the most threatening risks.

Takeaway: “…the survey shows there are significant gaps and weaknesses in the management of enterprise risk. These problems often arise from an inability to manage risk in an integrated and holistic way.”