Collections Management

Automate & streamline A/R collections to improve productivity & reduce DSO

AI-Driven Collections Management

Collections Management from D&B Finance Analytics Receivables Intelligence leverages Dun & Bradstreet’s superior data and analytical insights to automate B2B collections processes, enhancing your team’s productivity and providing unprecedented visibility into risk.
Automated Emails
Reduce costs & ensure delinquent customers are contacted without manual intervention
Disputes & Deductions
Automate workflows to fast-track processes & improve recovery rates
Predictive Insight
Leverage risk-based prioritization to stay one step ahead of delayed payments
Automated Emails
Automated emails ensure delinquent customers are contacted without the need for user action, dramatically increasing the number of accounts you can touch. These template-driven emails, which include attached account statements and invoices, use standardized company messages and reduce the time your team spends typing, to better increase overall collector efficiency and prevent payment delays.
Disputes Management
Disputes and deductions can be a major cause for lost revenue, lost productivity, delayed cash flow, and dissatisfied customers. Automating the disputes and deductions process helps you rapidly identify and respond to issues that may impede payment. With automation you can increase efficiencies, reduce days deduction/dispute outstanding (DDO) and improve recovery rates. These accelerated processes lead to faster resolutions and help improve customer satisfaction.
Predictive Insight
Move beyond prioritization based simply on age and amounts outstanding and view accounts by risk segmentation to easily prioritize high-risk accounts. Combine Dun & Bradstreet’s predictive analytics with your accounts receivable data to segment your customers and define rules-based treatment strategies. We call this “intelligent segmentation and prioritization,” and it’s something no other solution can easily provide today.
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New! D&B® Collections Prioritization Score
The D&B Collections Prioritization Score predicts the likelihood that a company will change its payment behavior differently next month. Getting a view into customers’ predicted payment behavior in the next 30 days can help keep you from ever incurring a high number of severely delinquent accounts. The score helps you prioritize accounts based on likelihood of making a payment and leverages AI to provide better insight into the potential for collecting sooner.
Easy-to-Implement, Easy-to-Use Configurable Applications

Receivables Intelligence from D&B Finance Analytics comprises three applications – Collections Management, Payment Portal, and Cash Management. When combined with D&B Finance Analytics Credit Intelligence, they create a powerful credit-to-cash platform.

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