Cash Management

Automate & reconcile payments to enable no-touch cash application processes

AI-Driven Cash Application
Cash Management from D&B Finance Analytics Receivables Intelligence uses machine learning to capture, match, process, and apply customer payments so you can seamlessly increase match rates and reduce payment processing costs.
Intelligent Predictive Matching
Leverage AI to match and apply payments from multiple sources
Advanced Deductions Management
Automate workflows to identify root causes, improve recovery rates & automate adjustments
Integrated Remittance Mgmt.
Seamlessly and securely accept, process & post payments from multiple channels
Intelligent Predictive Matching
Match payments and bank statements automatically for daily reconciliation. Cash Management automatically applies customers’ payments via a probability matching engine, and unmatched payments are provided a weighted match probability to rapidly and accurately apply payments. Advanced features include tolerance-based rules, multi-pass matching, and multiple methods of automatically applying partial payments (such as even spread, oldest first, and or largest first). Automated workflows help to ensure timely review and application of unapplied payments, as well as guide exception management processes to quickly resolve mismatched balances.
payment portal
Advanced Deductions Management
Disputes and deductions can be a major cause for lost revenue, lost productivity, delayed cash flow, and dissatisfied customers. Automating the disputes and deductions process helps you rapidly identify and respond to issues that may impede payment. With automation you can increase efficiencies, reduce days deduction/dispute outstanding (DDO) and improve recovery rates. These accelerated processes lead to faster resolutions and help improve customer satisfaction.
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Integrated Remittance Mgmt.

Cash Management supports a range of payment methods, including credit cards, email, lockbox files, check scanning/ optical character recognition (OCR), electronic file transfers, EDI, and online payments made through the Payment Portal. The platform integrates with banks to automate incoming ACH/EFT transactions. Users can also split a single check across multiple accounts, apply a check to a parent account, or apply a group of invoices across a group of accounts to achieve seamless payment processing.

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Easy-to-Implement, Easy-to-Use Configurable Applications
Credit Intelligence from D&B Finance Analytics comprises three applications – Decision Maker, Portfolio Insight, and Account Manager. When combined with D&B Finance Analytics Receivables Intelligence, they create a powerful credit-to-cash platform.
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