Omnichannel Marketing – We Are So Meta!

Webinar: Omnichannel Marketing – A Data & Platform-Driven Guide for B2B Marketers

To help illustrate why today’s B2B marketers need to pay attention to all the ways your customers engage with your brand - and fully explained in our joint training Tackling an Omnichannel Marketing Triathlon guide with Adobe - we are embarking on our own omnichannel marketing approach. (Pretty meta, huh?)

We invite you to have a listen to the Driving B2B Omnichannel Success Through Data webinar below as told by our subject matter experts Anudit Vikram, SVP, Product Director, Dun & Bradstreet and Rakhi Patel, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe

If you’ve only got a couple minutes to spend – I’ve compiled a Top 9 takeaway list from the webinar.  Enjoy!

Top 9 Takeaways from Driving B2B Omnichannel Success Through Data

The State of Omnichannel for B2B – Variety is a Good Thing

#1 “For B2B, it’s very, very rare that you have million-dollar sales open and close digitally. Because of that, omnichannel is the gold standard for today’s B2B marketers.” – Anudit


#2 “The channels that the B2B marketers use today look more similar to marketing teams across [B2C] – there are brand teams, commerce teams and traditional account based marketing. But now, all these organizations are coming together to be able to leverage first party data that organizations like yours have been collecting for decades. Examples of this data can be broken into online and offline…” – Rakhi

Target the Right Audiences

#3 "When you run a program that spans both the digital and physical, it’s absolutely important to have the right data within and across your marketing channels.” – Anudit

#4 “To create the best, most interesting high value audience, you should combine behavioral, transaction and firmographic details. That new audience becomes your ideal audience.” –  Rakhi

Enrich with Third Party Insights for the Best Experience

#5 “When running a campaign for B2B, you need to identify the organization your site visitors are associated with. Do your 100K unique visitors represent 100K companies, 10k companies or merely 100? Simply seeing unique visitors isn’t enough. You want to be able to deliver the best experience based on the firmographic details of that company or the job role associated with IP, device ID, cookies, etc.” – Anudit

Harness Anonymous Site Visitor Information

#6 “For B2B context, it’s necessary to identify the user, but it is even more important to identify the organization that user represents. Ideally you would want to know the job profiles of your visitors and their company. Knowing who is interacting with your content tells you or gives you very strong signals about how far down the funnel that customer actually is.” – Anudit

The Virtuous Circle

#7 “The whole is better than the sum of its parts. This is the ‘virtuous circle.’ When your platform and data work hand in hand, you can continually enrich your target audiences, identify new accounts and personalize the customer journey every step of the way” – Anudit

#8 “Having first party data isn’t enough.” – Rahki 

Data Governance and Freshness

#9 “We’ve seen within our own customer base, those that set up data governance early on, both organizationally and through systems, have more successful campaigns and have a competitive advantage.” – Rakhi

Watch the Webinar

In partnership with Adobe, Dun & Bradstreet invites you to listen to the Driving B2B Omnichannel Success Through Data webinar. Pick up some tips to expertly interconnect the right mix of channels, data, and platform to identify, target, and engage with your customers – where and when they expect you to.