Perfect Your Omnichannel Marketing

A B2B Data-Inspired Guide

Tackling an Omnichannel Marketing Triathlon

You're swimming in an ocean of customer data while your target audience is learning about your brand across both online and offline channels. To be competitive, you'll need to target the right high value audiences and master the best of all relevant channels—it's a triathlon of marketing expertise.

As a B2B marketer, you'll be prepared to finish this race with energy to spare by using the latest innovations in marketing platforms interconnected with third-party data to personalize campaigns, enhance audiences for retargeting, and improve reporting for the essential piece of omnichannel - your site.

In partnership with Adobe, Dun & Bradstreet has developed this Omnichannel Marketing training guide for you, inspired by the data, analytics, and platform you need to connect everything together.


Dive In
Identify your customers


Pound the Pedals
Target high value audiences


Run Your Best
Deliver amazing customer experiences


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