D&B Direct for Finance

Assess global financial risk and creditworthiness in real-time

Improve your business results with faster and more qualified decision-making
  • Automated real-time updates & alerts through API
  • Universal D-U-N-S® Number
  • Integrated data across accounting & ERP applications
  • Synchronized flow of information across all your financial systems
  • Global Trade Experience Benchmark Paydex ®
  • Improved cashflow by combined risk- and opportunity assessment

Provide instant insights to your teams

By reducing credit risk and instantly identifying better business opportunities, you can improve your cash flow. This is achieved by synchronising the flow of information across all your financial systems. D&B Direct for Finance will streamline your business decision making process with higher quality results.

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Finance professionals need structured data

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Bring FOCUS to your data and GROW with financial insights

Every day your customer interactions generate countless of data points. Your business systems capture and analyse a growing number of these experiences – but how relevant is all that data? How reliable and focused are the collected insights? Misleading data will result in poor decisions, which in turn will damage your sales cycles.

So integrate your systems with D&B Direct for Finance to overcome these hurdles of badly organised data. Enable accurate, structured and insightful data and you will ensure accelerated business growth. Ultimately, we will help you put an end to bad decisions.

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DaaS is the next evolution of data-driven finance

As the complexity of data increases, finance professionals are tasked with understanding the health of their organizations across many different data sources, systems, and geographies. D&B Direct provides real-time integration, Data-as-a-Service, to reduce the complexity and bridge these gaps. Empower better risk management, enable sales and drive growth across the enterprise. Also improving your cash flow by reducing your credit risk, identifying opportunities and automating decision-making. Data-as-a-Service is provided thorugh a modern API.
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Why choose D&B Direct for Finance?

Synchronise information flows across financial systems in real-time
Access all relevant data within ERP & accounting applications
Streamline and shorten your due diligence procedures
Automate decisions to manage your risk, receivables & collections

Product Summary

DnB Finance feature 1

  • D&B global D-U-N-S® Number
  • Daas – Data as a service
  • Real-time integration
  • Global Trade Experience Benchmark Paydex ®
  • Over 5 million daily updates
  • Synchronized flow of information across all your financial systems
  • Standard integration partner network
  • Global monitoring coverage
  • Intuitive APIs, documentation & trial system
  • Innovative product & partner ecosystem
  • High volume – updates available across 330+ million records

DnB Finance feature 2

  • Integrate data across accounting & ERP applications
  • Access to D&B's Global Data Cloud
  • Match your data with D&B’s golden record
  • Improve cashflow by combined risk- and opportunity assessment
  • Automate decisions to manage risk, receivables, and collection priorities
  • Effective due diligence process on new deals and acquisitions
  • Transforms finance to “sales enabler”
  • Common view of risk and opportunity

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