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182527.0M | United States
386064.0M | United States
274515.0M | United States
180366.0M | United Kingdom
5074.131996M | United States
381.808M | United States
245510.0M | United States
317102.300471M | China
182490.606979M | Germany
141346.874489M | Netherlands
181502.0M | United States
53253.655275M | Russian Federation
122485.0M | United States
80429.0M | United Kingdom
36930.033624M | United States
92363.007184M | Switzerland
38462.753M | United States
180543.0M | United Kingdom
69812.955088M | Switzerland
149014.827136M | Republic Of Korea
405301.439712M | China
258674.71597M | Japan
257141.0M | United States
263589.527804M | Germany
559151.0M | United States

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