RiskGuardian Suite | Credit Reports

The most comprehensive and accurate Risk Assessment

  • Business and person credit risk assessment
  • Market leading risk evaluation model, +AAA
  • Covering all Nordic markets
  • Get automated warnings on potential risks
  • Set up and manage company portfolios
  • Balance your total credit risk level

Credit risk management in one place

Credit checks on companies and consumers, alerts on significant changes, optimization of credit risk policies, deeper analyzes, autmated decisioning and enhanced compliance are just some of the advantages when using Risk Guardian Suite. We'll set it up according to your needs.

Predict future risks for more prosperous business

What is Risk Guardian Credit Reports?

What is true about a customer today might have changed tomorrow.

That is why Risk Guardian Suite Credit Reports are not average one-off reports but instead part of an integrated echosystem of smart tools supported by real-time data on businesses and consumers. 

Accessible via Web app or standard API they come with a set of helpful additions such as financial events monitoring, e-mail notifications, business portfolio risk management, automatic credit decisioning and AML Compliance features.

Foresee your customers bad dept

You have probably experienced customers who are notoriously bad at paying your invoices in time. Credit Reports help you see the warning signs before you onboard a new customer so you get an idea on what your invoice payment terms should be.

But also a customer, or a group of customers, who always have been paying in time might get into problems. The Monitoring and Portfolio features in Risk Guardian are created to let you get an early heads up that one or more of your customers might soon get into financial trouble. So that you may take preventive action.

Unleash hidden business opportunities
Knowing your customers or prospects credit worthiness and payment history may help you see hidden business opportunities. What if you can get a customer or prospect to buy more if you take a higher Credit Risk? D&B Risk Guardian help you analyse your portfolio of customers or prospects and find the hidden gems.
Monitor entire customer portfolios
The Monitoring and Portfolio features in Risk Guardian are created to let you easily track groups of customers and see the risk levels for your entire customer portfolio. You can make as many portfolios as you like. A good practice is to group them according to credit risk levels. The monitoring functionality will give you a heads up on portfolio events that may call for your attention.

Why choose Risk Decisioning?

Access via simple and user friendly web interface
Enables tracking and monitoring of companies through set up of portfolios
Powerful tool for analysing credit worthiness of companies as well as persons
Gives warnings on any important and actionable event

Product Summary

Features 2 for BRiGS
  • User friendly web interface
  • Search for companies and private persons
  • View and download full company reports
  • Set up portfolios of companies
  • Monitor for important business events
  • Get email warnings on important events
Features 1 BRiGS
  • View ratings and rating history
  • View payment history
  • Download Annual Reports
  • Show Articles of Association (pay per download)
  • Show Certificate of Registration (pay per download)
  • Five interface languages (SE, NO, DK, FI, EN)

Risk Guardian Suite – the full protection

A solution with services that can give full protection for your whole business. Check them out separately or contact our sales people and they will guide you to the right solution for your needs.

Credit Reports

For all businesses of all sizes. Get the full picture or just pick the one relevant for your purpose. Add-ons eg monitor and portfolio.

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Risk Decisioning (API)

Connect to our moden API and receive the full-service solution for credit automation.

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