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AML Compliance will keep your business safe by avoiding fraudsters.  
  • Global PEP, sanctions, watch and blacklists
  • Business and person data (Beneficial ownership, PEP, sanction)
  • Eliminate all time consuming, manual look-ups

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Fraud and cyber crime are increasing. Cross border legislation and systems can be difficult to understand and interpret. We are experts and will help you to navigate your business safely, keeping it secure and compliant. 

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Bisnode AML Compliance

Know your customers (KYC) for real

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Works across borders and systems
Follow data protection laws and standards
Star wars army to protect you

What is AML Compliance?

AML Compliance is our solution for keeping your business safe from fraudulent activities. It will monitor and automatically detect suspicious activities such as money laundering, suspected fraud, financing of terrorism or tax evasion. Whenever needed you will also gain fast access to information about PEP’s or otherwise sanctioned individuals or companies. This is the ultimate tool to detect, foresee and be protected against illegal activities.

We are dedicated to fight against organized financial crime and terrorism, and we will help protect you against potential lawsuits and money loss connected to such financial crime.

abstract pattern / design

Analysis of patterns and networks

Our solution for avoiding fraud are in part based on pattern recognition and network analysis. Bisnode AML Compliance analyze bankruptcies to identify companies and board members with high risk. Frauds often follow repeating patterns.
Through our dynamic set of regulations, you are warned about those who may pose a risk and therefore should be investigated before initiating a business relationship.

Product Summary

  • Bisnode unique identifier for persons, companies, beneficial ownership and board members
  • Real-time automated screening and monitoring
  • Portfolio monitoring with daily alerts and screening summary
  • Bisnode Matching Technology & Algorithms (match indicators)
  • Automated AML Compliance work-flow
  • Automated KYC process
  • Available by API or SFTP
  • Accurate, clean and duplicate-free data
  • GDPR compliant data
  • Compliant with AML law and standards
  • Automated onboarding
  • Verified company data
  • UBO:s and board members
  • Verified person data
  • +550 major data sources
  • +120 M consumers
  • +270 banks across Europe
  • Global PEP, sanctions, watch and blacklist data
  • Real-time verification
  • Specially designed to fulfill the requirements of the obliged entities per 4th and 5th AML legislation
  • Optimised for big data volumes

We can help you find the right solution for your needs

We are Data & Analytics experts and with our help you will keep your business safe. Our service for AML compliance, Beneficial ownership and PEP will give you full protection. Fill in your details so that our local sales organization can get in touch for an initial conversation.

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