SwissInsight WebService

Up-to-date data live in your systems

Get all information through API

Are you having trouble with digitalisation and automation? Are you struggling with media breaks and different processes? Do you need to manually adjust or cleanse data? The solution for you is an interface or API. It delivers all necessary and valuable information about your business partners exactly where you need it. Entering a new customer? SwissInsight WebService (SIW) immediately delivers the right data. Checking invoices above a certain amount? With SIW you can do this automatically.

Efficient work thanks to automation
Access to all Swiss company and personal information

Automate your information gathering and gain time for decisions. The SwissInsight WebService (SIW) provides you with all information on Swiss companies and persons in the proven XML format. We rely on standard technologies (WSDL, SOAP), which enable a cost-effective and fast integration. You have the choice between predefined products or data packages according to your personal requirements.

The reasons for SwissInsight WebService (SIW)

Automate your business processes.
The simplest way to order extracts from the debt collection register or address searches.
You have access to Dun & Bradstreet's proven information about companies, decision makers and individuals.
You have access to further services such as SOGC news or screenings of sanction and PEP lists.

That is what you get

  • State-of-the-art web service technology (SOAP, WSDL) for easy integration including versioning
  • Ongoing activation and expansion of new web services
  • Detailed documentation and support including starter kit
  • Standard product or individually compiled data packages about companies and persons
  • Automated information retrieval for more efficiency without media breaks
  • Most modern search algorithms
Ensuring efficient processes
Nos spécialistes vous aident dans toutes les phases de l'intégration. Ils définissent avec vous les meilleurs processus possibles et les plus efficaces pour mettre en service une solution sur mesure et économiquement réussie. Nous disposons d'un grand savoir-faire et nous accompagnons dans toutes les phases du projet.