Jeff Andrea

AVP, Audience Solutions
New York City


Q: What is your focus, and greatest joy, on the Audience Solutions Team?
A: I focus primarily on empowering my sales team to generate revenue from selling our Audience Solutions products.  I manage a team of nine sales people, which is astonishing since I was the first and only sales person on the Audience Solutions team; that’s what brings me joy - to see how Audience Solutions has grown over 3 short years. ​

Q: What are you most proud of these days? ​
A: I'm really proud of the people we recruited to my team, how we go to work every day, and how we’ve grown the business year over year. ​

Q: What skills or characteristics help you succeed in your role? ​
A: I have a good sense of reading people. This allows me to bring the right people together to navigate and build key partnerships, internally and externally - whether it’s aligning my sales team with the greater internal sales team, or challenging the status quo with a client, to provoke change and consideration of investing in our products. Maybe more importantly, I genuinely care about the success of my team and clients. ​

Q: What excites you about working at Dun & Bradstreet? ​
A: It's been amazing working for a company that's been around for 176 years. We have the best B2B asset that anyone can offer, and we are just scratching the surface in the digital space. We have the opportunity to add to the great history of this company, and that is what excites me about working at Dun & Bradstreet​

Q: How do you spend time outside of work? ​
A: Most of my time outside the office is spent raising my three daughters (Ella-7, Teagan-5, Marin-3) with my wife, Michelle. I also love to play golf and hockey, cook, collect wine, and root for my two favorite sports teams: the New York Rangers and Notre Dame football​