Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing Industry
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Industry Analysis


Companies in this industry transform purchased metals into intermediate or end-use products by forging, stamping, bending, forming, welding, machining, and assembly. Major companies include Ball Corporation, Flowserve, Gibraltar Industries, Mueller Industries, Snap-On, The Timken Company, and Valmont Industries (all headquartered in the US), as well as Jiangsu Guotai International (China), Schaeffler Technologies (Germany), and Toyo Seikan (Japan). Because of the special manufacturing processes involved for individual parts, most companies make a limited range of products.

Competitive Landscape

Globalization and customer concentration have intensified competition in the fabricated metal products industry. OEM customers increasingly seek efficiencies by buying more from fewer suppliers. Many middle-market companies are seeing their margins get squeezed as they try to compete with their larger counterparts for this reduced number of overall contracts. Profits tend to be highest for small, local niche companies, as well as for global market leaders that enjoy significant economies of scale.

Products, Operations & Technology

Major segments of the fabricated metal products industry include architectural and structural products; forging and stamping; machining; cutlery, tools, and kitchenware; boilers, tanks, and containers; hardware; springs and wires; coating, plating, and polishing; and valve and pipe manufacturing. Leading sources of revenue include fabricated structural and architectural metal products (about 25%), along with machine shops, turned products, and screws, nuts, and bolts (about 20%). Other sources of revenue include forging and stamping; boilers, tanks, and containers; and coating, engraving, and heat treating (each about 10%).

Geographic Segmentation

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Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing Companies in this Country/Region:
Top Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing Companies:
54969.288192M | Republic Of Korea
14442.2M | United States
11665.0M | United States
11474.0M | United States
11191.814231M | India
10569.85664M | United States
9041.361562M | United States
9000.0M | United States
7419.139447M | Japan
7411.201959M | Australia
7326.501336M | Netherlands
5891.469285M | Japan
5764.6M | United States
5605.927929M | China
5371.134939M | Mexico
4785.593618M | China
4513.671M | China
4489.927M | United States
4434.877103M | Japan
4240.553868M | China
3789.9M | United States

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