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Institutions in this industry offer academic and professional courses and confer baccalaureate or graduate degrees. Major US-based institutions include public university systems in states such as California, New York, and Texas, and private universities such as New York University, Duke, Harvard, and Johns Hopkins; leading institutions outside the US include the universities of Cambridge and Oxford, both located in the UK, as well as the University of Tokyo and the University of Toronto.

Competitive Landscape

Declining enrollment, caused in part by rising tuition, is holding back revenue growth at many US colleges and universities. Schools are competing more intensely for qualified applicants, and many are employing new highly targeted marketing strategies to increase yield rates -- the percentage of accepted applicants who choose to attend. While institutions with large endowment funds are generally more financially secure, below-average investment returns are weakening overall purchasing power. However, many schools have increased spending from endowments to pay for student financial aid, research, and other programs.

Products, Operations & Technology

About 55% of US industry revenue is generated by state-operated public colleges and universities, about 40% by nonprofit private schools, and 5% by for-profit operators, according to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). Some 700 schools are public, and about 2,300 are private (not-for-profit and for-profit). About 60% of students are enrolled in public colleges and universities, while nearly 30% attend private nonprofit schools, and roughly 10% go to private for-profit institutions. Nearly 80% of students enrolled in four-year schools are undergraduate students, and about 20% are graduate students.

Geographic Segmentation

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Top Colleges & Universities Companies:
$16,359.52M | United States
$12,455.42M | United States
$10,093.93M | United States
$8,500.21M | United States
$7,955.61M | United States
$7,623.03M | United States
$6,795.95M | United States
$6,470.58M | United States
$4,246.93M | United States
$4,239.62M | United States
$3,950.62M | United States
$3,613.97M | United States
$3,404.38M | United States
$2,946.70M | United States
$2,915.03M | United States

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