Aircraft Engine & Parts Manufacturing Industry
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Industry Analysis


Companies in this industry manufacture aircraft engines and engine parts, as well as fuselage, propeller and rotor, landing gear, electric and hydraulic control, and avionic systems. Major companies include GE Aviation and Pratt & Whitney (US); Kawasaki Heavy Industries (Japan); Rolls-Royce (UK); and SAFRAN, Thales, and Zodiac (France).

Competitive Landscape

Rapid changes in technology and geographic shifts in demand are affecting how and where aircraft engine and parts manufacturers compete. Amid passenger and cargo demand growth in emerging markets, companies are forging global partnerships to share risks, costs, and sales, and to increase their manufacturing and support services footprints. Technologies including additive manufacturing, the internet of things (IoT), and big data are increasingly important competitive differentiators. Engine and parts companies aim to leverage these and other technologies to reduce aircraft operating costs and improve their own cost structures.

Products, Operations & Technology

Makers of engines and engine parts account for about half of US industry revenue; makers of nonengine parts account for the remainder. Manufacturers usually specialize in producing parts for one of several major systems, including engine, fuselage, propellers and rotors, landing gear, electric and hydraulic control systems, and electronic systems (avionics). Primary subcontractors ("primes") that deliver major systems like engines or wings to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), in turn subcontract much of the component manufacturing activity to smaller contractors.

Geographic Segmentation

See where the Aircraft Engine & Parts Manufacturing industry is concentrated geographically and research companies by financials and key corporate data.
Top Aircraft Engine & Parts Manufacturing Companies:
56587.0M | United States
4768.013824M | Republic Of Korea
2335.295194M | Germany
2072.0M | United States
1787.009M | United States
1741.41185M | United States
1491.118M | United States
945.485053M | United States
405.608746M | Turkey
404.45377M | United States
368.218962M | United States
360.717279M | Germany
344.811262M | United States
314.4705M | United States

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