Explore How Shipping Data Can Reveal Supply Chain Weakness

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Leverage shipping data to support supply chain risk management

Dun & Bradstreet understands that what rocks the boat may ultimately wreck your supply chain. With an eye on this year’s shipping disruptions and trade regulations, our Dun & Bradstreet data science team rolled out educational resources to help you leverage the power of maritime transport data.

Watch “Data Briefs: How Shipping Data Reveals Supply Chain Weakness,” our five-part interactive series to help government agencies better understand key opportunities and vulnerabilities in supply chain risk management. These recorded sessions include:

  • Session 1: Downstream Impacts of Port Disruptions
  • Session 2: Uncovering Hidden Connections in Your Supply Chain
  • Session 3: Why a Container’s Chain of Custody Matters
  • Session 4: Three Learnings Based on Container Lifecycles
  • Session 5: Identifying and Investigating Anomalous Behavior

Each session featured an open chat format with our government and data science experts, as well as your peers in public sector procurement, cybersecurity, fraud detection, and compliance.



Dun & Bradstreet’s Data Science Team for Public Sector 


Watch Webinars