Why Your CMMC Certification Level Will Matter

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Be Sure You Understand Requirements and Potential Results of Each Level.

The five certification levels represent very different paths to potential work with the DOD. Which is best for your business?

Is working with the DOD an important part of your business strategy? Then you’re likely to know about the new Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) that will be included in future contracts. But are you clear about which certification level will suit your company? Or how long you might need to prepare for the certification audit?

Deciding on the right certification level for your business is a big decision – and the crucial first step of your journey to CMMC compliance. Get started on the right foot with help from Dun & Bradstreet and QOMPLX. In this webinar, our cybersecurity and government experts:

  • Highlight key dates and timelines
  • Explain requirements at each level
  • Describe potential advantages of each level
  • Compare CMMC requirements with other certifications
  • Offer timing and budgeting tips

Plus, we give you a look at how our CMMC Pre-Assessment helps you to be audit-ready.


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E. W. “Chip” Lilliewood Jr.
Dun & Bradstreet Vice President, Government Programs & Channels

Chip Lilliewood helms Dun & Bradstreet’s Government Programs & Channels team, which is responsible for public sector business development and identifying qualified partner companies. He joined the company from Vector Federal Solutions, LLC, a provider of programmatics, analytics, technology services, and logistics, for which he was Founder and Chief Executive Officer. He is also the former Vice President at Logistics Systems, Incorporated, where he established and headed the firm’s science, engineering, and technical services division.

Lilliewood is a retired U.S. Army Colonel after more than 25 years of active service. He holds Master of Science degrees in Logistics Management and Material Acquisition Management from the Florida Institute of Technology, as well as a Master of Military Arts and Science from the United States Air Force’s Air University. He is also a graduate of The Citadel.

Bill Solms photo

Bill Solms
QOMPLX President and General Manager, Government Solutions Division

Bill Solms leads the newly created government solutions division, with a focus on supporting mission-critical organizations, both public and private, during their technological transformations. During his three-decade career, he has combined government-centric security roles in the private sector with distinguished military service. Before joining QOMPLX, Solms was Vice President and General Manager, Federal Division, for Qualys, where he led government IT initiatives. Prior to Qualys, he served as President and CEO of Wave Systems. A graduate of the U.S. Military Academy, Solms began his military career as a paratrooper and Apache helicopter pilot before taking the role of Strategic Planner for the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

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