Credit & Risk Management

Credit Essentials

Prevent credit risk and focus on profitable business growth.
Man Working – Trade Credit Essentials

All of your credit management needs, covered.
Credit Essentials is designed for small businesses who need to perform credit checks from agreeing to new credit terms, or simply knowing your own company’s score and recommended credit limits. Our data coverage means that when you take on overseas customers, you can still rely on consistent data.
Monitor commercial credit scores and credit limits for your company
Quickly assess the financial health of new credit applicants
Receive trade credit alerts on your key accounts - after all, just because customers meet criteria today doesn't mean they will tomorrow

How It Works

Credit Essentials includes the powerful combination of D&B Credit Monitor and D&B Credit Reporter - two of our most popular financial risk management products. With D&B Credit Monitor you can evaluate your own credit rating and be aware of what's being reported about your company in real-time, whilst D&B Credit Reporter allows you to quickly assess the financial health of new credit applicants – and keep an eye on changes over time with alerts on your key accounts. In short, Credit Essentials helps to ensure the successful growth of your company without exposing it to unnecessary credit risk.