D&B Finance Analytics Receivables Intelligence

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AI-Driven Accounts Receivables Management
Transform your credit-to-cash processes with automated e-invoicing, collections management, and payment reconciliation that easily integrates with your ERP. Receivables Intelligence is easy to use and easy to implement - requiring minimal IT support to help you get up and running quickly.
Automate A/R
Improve efficiency with automated processes to help manage collections, payments, and cash app
Increase Effectiveness
Apply and reconcile payments to reduce processing costs, improve quality of cash numbers, and reduce DSO
Improve Cash Flow
Make it easier for your customers to pay with e-invoicing and online payment portal options
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See how D&B Finance Analytics Receivables Intelligence helps to improve cash flow, increase efficiencies, and improve your customers' experience.

Easy-to-Implement, Easy-to-Use Configurable Applications

Receivables Intelligence from D&B Finance Analytics comprises three applications – Collections Management, Payment Portal, and Cash Management. When combined with D&B Finance Analytics Credit Intelligence, they create a powerful credit-to-cash platform.

Collections Management

Now Dun & Bradstreet’s category-defining commercial credit data and analytical insights can help you streamline the collections process and increase the effectiveness of your company’s efforts. This collaborative and comprehensive solution allows you to prioritize collections, increase efficiencies, and simplify workflows through automation. With Dun & Bradstreet’s predictive data and analytical insights natively integrated into the solution, you’ll gain visibility into potential risk.

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payment portal

Payment Portal

Payment Portal offers e-invoicing and a customer payment portal. Improve customer service; provide your customers with 24/7 access to their account statements, and reduce your paper, processing and postage costs. The payment portal makes it easier for your customers, too, by allowing them to pay their invoices online with just a few clicks. With online payment options, you can get paid faster, reduce errors, avoid the duplication of work, and reduce processing costs.

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db credit - credit data

Cash Management

Cash Management applies and reconciles payments through multiple channels to reduce payment processing costs, improve quality of cash numbers, and reduce DSO. This collaborative tool enables payment matching, remittance resolution, payment application, and reporting while eliminating redundant communications, emails, and spreadsheets.

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New! D&B® Collections Prioritization Score

The D&B Collections Prioritization Score predicts the likelihood that a company will change its payment behavior differently next month. Getting a view into customers’ predicted payment behavior in the next 30 days can help keep you from ever incurring a high number of severely delinquent accounts. The score helps you prioritize accounts based on likelihood of making a payment and provides a foundation for the type of collections tactics used by A/R teams, and leverages AI to provide better insight into the potential for collecting sooner on outstanding receivables.

Real Customers, Real Results

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“Prior to implementing Receivables Intelligence, our 120+ days past due was 20% of our aging file. Today our 120+ days past due is under 5%, and I credit the continuous improvements to the automated workflows that Receivables Intelligence provides.”

Rachel Hancock, A/R Collections Supervisor, Morningstar, Inc.