Episode 79: Ensuring Equal Opportunities On The Business Playing Field

Addressing Unconscious Bias In AI

In AI, there's a general distinction between general artificial intelligence and narrow artificial intelligence. General is consciousness, the Terminator. Narrow is a lot narrower; it’s AI built for specific tasks accomplishment. The vast majority of narrow AI that's out there right now is machine learning. Machine learning is essentially software that learns by example.

Reid Blackman, Founder and CEO of Virtue Consultants and Advisory Board Member of Bizconnect joins Nick White on the podcast to discuss the biggest challenges in ethical AI and addressing bias in algorithms. Together they also explore the Bizconnect and D&B Accelerate partnership and the exciting work Bizconnect is doing to build an ethical B2B search engine businesses can trust, and ensure every business gets an equal opportunity. Reid also helps demystify AI and Machine Learning and the importance of deep learning and thinking.

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(Please note that this podcast was recorded remotely.)